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6614 Ruppsville Road
Allentown, PA, 18106
Tel 610-841-0300
Fax 610-841-0301

We’re conveniently located 1 block south of Tilghman Street, just 1 mile west of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We also serve clients throughout the U.S.



Staff Directory

Jon Levin, CPA
610-841-0300 ext 111

Robin Derhammer
Accounting Manager
610-841-0300 ext 114

Amy Thomas
610-841-0300 ext 115

Patty Foux
610-841-0300 ext 113

Laura Long
610-841-0300 ext 117

Charlotte Waters
610-841-0300 x118

Jon provides valuable counsel to us for business decisions. Jon has the unique ability to effectively explain complex financial and accounting matters in a way non-financial people (like ourselves) can understand.
— Bill and Greg Callow , President & Vice President, Templar Technologies, Inc.